argoFloats 1.0.5

argoFloats 1.0.4 (on CRAN)

  • Fix image-size declarations in 3 man pages (required by CRAN).

  • Change plot() to not show bathymetry by default.

  • Improve index[["ID"]] speed by 3X.

argoFloats 1.0.3 (on CRAN)

  • Fix a mapApp() problem with paths that cross the dateline.
  • Fix a mapApp() problem in handling mouse brush events.

argoFloats 1.0.2 (on CRAN)

  • Examples reset par() to its initial state.

argoFloats 1.0.1

  • DESCRIPTION improved
  • Document return values of all functions
  • Describe base class.
  • plot() resets par() to its initial state before returning.

argoFloats 1.0.0

  • Improve documentation for a CRAN release
  • Remove version number from mapApp()

argoFloats 0.2.0

  • Add subset by section
  • Add “traj” and “bio-traj” arguments to getIndex()
  • Created subtype cycles and trajectories for index type
  • Created map plot for trajectories type

argoFloats 0.1.3

  • widen support of age argument, remove support for force
  • add several new built-in datasets
  • add several new functions
  • improve vignette and other documentation

argoFloats 0.1.2

  • repository made public, transferred to ArgoCanada organization

argoFloats 0.1.1

  • initial version, on github but not CRAN